about me

I have been a life long Star Wars fan,  some may say obsessed...

I have collected helmets for awhile and  while building full armor kits i found out that you can get hot quickly.  and having to remove your costume helmet to cool off kind of spoils the experience. So i started making cooling fan kits for helmet in my garage space for fun and to trade with other people who are into costuming. i was told i should really start selling my kits since there is a need for them. 

I only use high quality ball bearing fans for the kits i make, these fans should last forever and stay quiet and problem free forever. 

I offer multiple kit options, starting with a low cost single fan kit, that way pretty much anyone can have at  least one fan going to keep them cool!

I also try to keep the prices as low as possible that way people can spend more time and money on the costume it self not the hidden accessories.

There are other people making fan kits out there, but no one using the same quality of fans i use,  and i keep my kits around or lower than the others.

thanks !